About Infratek

Infratek has a great reputation in the field of locating failures in plumbing and sealing systems, mapping of infrastructures and drying.

The company invests considerable resources in carrying out meticulous and professional examinations, using the most advanced technologies in the world, in order to meet the high standards currently existing in the market.

Our team of highly experienced experts, who have received professional training in Israel and abroad, offers advice and support from start to finish. The examinations include providing a detailed opinion report, along with color photographs that present the defects, as well as professional advice and guidance for correcting them.

The examination is carried out through non-destructive methods, this way significantly reducing unnecessary repair costs.

Infratek's reports are admissible in the courts as expert opinions and certified by the Israel Standards Institute (ISO 9001:2008).


Infratek uses the most advanced technologies in the world to detect problems in piping and sealing systems, as well as leaks and moisture problems. The examinations conducted:

  • Detection of defects in plumbing and sealing systems – detection of hidden leaks in pipelines and infiltration of rainwater, using thermal imaging and infrared photography.
  • Photography and renovation of sewage and drainage pipes – detection of failures in drainage / sewage pipes by using advanced optical fiber, removal of barriers from the inside of the pipes and their repair through the use of Patch technology.
  • Detection of hidden underground leaks – detection of leaks in the soil in all types of pipes, through the injection of gas and a computerized Correlator.
  • Detection and mapping of underground infrastructures - using GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar), the only one of its kind in Israel.
  • Drying and rehabilitation damages caused by water and moisture – drying of trapped water and lowering of moisture rates in buildings; drying after flooding or leakage by means of advanced dryers and blowers, through non-destructive methods.
  • Testing of swimming pools – detection of water loss factors, as well as failures in pipelines and operating systems.
  • Building inspection and home examination – inspection of apartments by an expert engineer prior to purchase and before delivery, moisture testing, piping inspection before flooring for all types of pipes, drainage systems and sealing systems (roofs, bathrooms and balconies), and providing expert opinions which are admissible in courts and mediation proceedings.
  • Laboratory tests and moisture measurements - measurement of moisture level in the flooring substrate (sand / sesame) and its compliance with the binding standard.

Infrared camera

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Detection of leaks and underground infrastructure

Photography for inside of pipelines

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Among our clients:

Construction companies, insurance companies, appraisers, contractors, municipalities, the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Aerospace Industries, water corporations, educational institutions, private individuals and others..

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